WUC lecturer delivers webinar to vets in Brazil

May 2020

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

On May 8th, Dr Roberta Ferro de Godoy, presented a webinar to Brazilian veterinary professionals. The Senior Lecturer in Equine Science and Veterinary Physiotherapy, who also has a PhD in Veterinary Surgery, remotely delivered the talk to around 500 vets who were able to log in from their homes and workplaces in South America.

The session, which was titled 'Biomechanics Analysis to Assess Lameness in Horses', was promoted by Equarter, a company specialising in CPD for equine vets. 

Roberta said: "I am myself a equine vet so I was delighted to see such a positive response from my colleagues in Brazil. It was very important to share the knowledge and show the technologies we have available at Writtle University College to assess horses' biomechanics. The use of new technologies to assist in the assessment of lameness in horses helps vets and veterinary physiotherapists to use quantitative data in diagnosing and following up treatment and rehabilitation."

Roberta is also a member of the organisation committee for the First UK Equine Science Online Student Conference. The event will take place in 15th July, and aims to substitute traditional conference settings with a virtual learning environment.