Will the Coronavirus pandemic have a lasting impact on nature conservation?

May 2020

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College's Professor Peter Hobson will share his knowledge of Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainability in a free, online discussion on Tuesday 12th May. The debate, which begins at 3pm, is hosted by the European Wilderness Society and will feature internationally respected experts from Germany, Italy, Austria, the USA and the UK. The panel will consider the coronavirus pandemic's impact on nature conservation and the potential, long-lasting consequences.

More than 100 countries worldwide instigated full or partial lockdowns during 2020. Globally, scientists have reported a reduction in air pollution and members of the public have noted wildlife wandering newly deserted streets. However, ecotourism has been dealt a severe blow as many organisations rely on visitors to fund the conservation of rare habitats and endangered species.

Professor Hobson said: "I am delighted to be asked to participate in the European Wilderness Society's panel discussion. The pandemic has led to many unprecedented circumstances that may have a long running impact on nature and society. I hope panel discussions, such as this one, will allow us to consider the steps we must take to create a brighter future."

For more information on the discussion, please visit https://wilderness.academy/