Floristry students decorate Chelmsford Cathedral

February 2020

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Visitors to Chelmsford Cathedral are enjoying a colourful new experience. Writtle University College's Higher Education Professional Floristry students have created floral designs for one of the youngest cathedrals in England. This exciting opportunity was courtesy of the Cathedral Flower Guild. The students' work will remain on display for one week, from February 7th.

The students began their research with a trip to the Cathedral to decide which colours and designs would complement the space, while considering the wide range of influences within the building. The stunning building sits at the heart of the city of Chelmsford. It was built around 800 years ago, with further work in the 15th and 16th centuries. The students work was designed to reflect the amazing stained glass and colourful altar tapestry.

The students enjoyed the challenge and produced spectacular designs. They chose to use Cerise pink Germini, Pink Eustoma, Pink Rossano Dark' Chrysanthemum, and Cerise Pink Dianthus with some amazing locally grown foliage. Lime green flat cane was added for additional rhythm, line and structural features.

Floristry lecturer Linda O'Sullivan said: "We are grateful to the Flower Guild at Chelmsford Cathedral for kindly permitting us to contribute arrangements and for their continued support. The aim was to provide the students with the opportunity to create designs in a large historical building. The students benefited from this fabulous learning experience."