Marshal Papworth student visits Rutland Farm

January 2020

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College student Danisa Matebesi began 2020 with a trip to a 1,459ha mixed farming enterprise.

Danisa is studying for an MSc Crop Production (Horticulture) with the support of the Marshal Papworth Fund's scholarship programme. Nine Marshal Papworth students from across Asia and Africa took part in the trip. The students, who are studying at a variety of UK universities, will have the opportunity to take part in several visits organised by the Marshal Papworth Fund over the academic year.

The first study tour of 2020 took place at Rutland farm. The students' hosts, Percy, Tre and Tom Gilman, incorporate conservation work through environmental schemes, set up a robust business structures and work with the latest technology including RTK and GPS as part of a profitable and sustainable arable and sheep farm.

Percy said: "I really hope that the Marshal Papworth students have been able to take some lasting learnings away from this visit - whether that's how to be more selective when choosing breeding genetics in commercial livestock production, or how to incorporate conservation and environmental work to not only benefit the environment around your farm, but also harness some of those natural resources to your business' benefit."