Chelonian Conservation and Welfare Conference takes place at WUC

November 2019

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Trade professionals, vets, researchers, students and enthusiasts will visit Writtle University College on Saturday 16 November 2019 for the Chelonian Conservation and Welfare Conference.

The annual event takes place from 10am to 4pm and will be hosted by Turtle Survival Alliance Europe and Tortoise Welfare UK, with support from Peregrine Livefoods. The special event offers opportunities to learn about new projects and meet specialists working in all areas of the tortoise world. Event coordinator, Eleanor Tirtasana, said: "This is a fantastic learning and networking platform for anyone interested in conservation and welfare, or who's considering pursuing a career in these areas."

The one-day event will feature a wide array of speakers, including:

  • Torsten Blank from Turtle Survival Alliance Europe, on European contributions to Chelonian conservation.
  • Sarah Brown on current veterinary practice with a focus on egg retention in Chelonia.
  • Eleanor Lien Hua Tirtasana Chubb, Chair of TSA Europe and TWUK, on perceptions of Chelonia in captivity and the community.
  • Adam Davis, Bristol Zoo, on Zoo conservation and Chelonian work.
  • Charlotte Ducotterd on her work at the Turtle Sanctuary Conservation Center, Switzerland.
  • Chris Newman on reptile rescue work and latest news of European reptile law.
  • Beate Pfau on thelatest Testudo hermanni research and findings from the wild.
  • Matt Rendle on his experiences as an exotics veterinary nurse in wound healing in reptiles, case studies and the work of the Veterinary Wound Library.

To reserve your place and for complete booking fees go to A special rate is available for students.