Writtle College hosts its first ever Colour Run!

March 2016

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle College hosted its first ever Colour Run on Tuesday 8 March. The event, which was organised in conjunction with several other local colleges, saw students and staff run either a 3k or 5k race within the Writtle College grounds.

Runners started the event in a white t-shirt, and to add to the fun, were covered from head-to-toe in a rainbow of colours from ‘paint stations’ at each kilometre of the course. Each runner paid £2 to take part and received a white t-shirt and sunglasses to run in.

Greg Deacon, Course Manager for Sport and Exercise Performance at Writtle College said: “The Colour Run at Writtle included students from South Essex College, SEEVIC, Havering College, Colchester Sixth Form College, as well as Writtle College. Approximately 250 students and staff took part in the event across a totally off-road course on the College grounds. The paint stations were situated every 1km and the helpers seemed to have as much fun and get as much paint on themselves as the runners!

Everyone had a really enjoyable day, some racing it whilst others walked. The colourful paints made for a spectacular show with many displaying a truly rainbow like appearance by the end of the race. The event also raised a tremendous £500 for Leukaemia Care.”

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