Students create visuals for video game to be launched at London Art Fair

December 2015

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Art and Design students have been visualising the future arts economy through drawings which will be turned into a playable video game to be launched at the London Art Fair.

PLAY ART DATA MONEY is a collaborative artwork based on a concept by artists Ruth Catlow and Mary Flanagan which aims to build a collective vision of the future art world economy, combining drawing and platform gaming.

The project is using young and emerging artists – Writtle BA and MA Art and Design students – to create the initial game content.

The new platform game will then be developed and launched in the Art Projects section of the London Art Fair from 20 to 24 January, for visitors to play and debate.

Ruth Catlow, who is co-director of Furtherfield (a London-based arts and technology organisation) and a previous Head of the School of Design at the College, visited Writtle on Tuesday 24 November to run the 'game jam' workshop.

She explained: “The game jam combines drawing and the ‘scenario development’ method of platform game-building by asking participants to respond to a set of drawing challenges and scenarios.

“For the PLAY ART DATA MONEY game jam, challenges were set to identify how participants see emerging cultures and opportunities such as cryptocurrencies and the Internet of Things impacting the art world.

“By responding to these game jam challenges, the participating young and emerging artists have created the avatars, settings, obstacles, rewards and assets required to build the new platform game.”

Pryle Behrman, Course Manager for the Art and Design programme at Writtle and a Selection Panel member for Art Projects in London Art Fair, said: “A key element of our Art & Design programme at Writtle is ensuring that our students can start to develop their future careers whilst still at College. This inspiring event is an example of the ways our students can become involved in debates about the wider arts world and also exhibit their creations in that same world during their studies.”

• In addition to the game jam events, Furtherfield is running a PLAY ART DATA MONEY conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, sharing drawings and ideas with a global audience using the hashtag #playartdatamoney

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