Writtle College and University of Essex 7th joint symposium

November 2014

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

The Challenge of Sustainability in a Finite World

From unsustainable eating to the environmental impact of watching football, this year’s Writtle College and University of Essex joint symposium promises to look at the challenge of sustainability from new angles.

The conference on Friday 21 November – which is open to students of the college and university – will see academics from both institutions and other national experts examine the issues surrounding sustainability.

The event will start with a plenary session including Dr Damien Short, from the University of London, who will examine the problem of extreme energy. Writtle College’s Dr Peter Hobson will then speak about developing a unifying set of baseline indicators for ecosystem function to inform sustainable forestry practice across Europe. He will be followed by Dr Jane Hindley, from the University of Essex, whose talk will be entitled This Changes Everything: Naomi Klein, Climate Change and the Politics of Sustainability.

There will then be parallel technical sessions:

• Professor Jeremy Strong’s session is entitled Seven Deadly Sins: A Story of Cruel and Unsustainable Eating;

• Martin Crook will talk about Climate Change Mitigation as Genocide;

• Dr Zoe Baker and Dr Jorge Diosdado will show how their research assesses dairy cow welfare through predictive modelling of individual and social behaviour;

• Anca Ciobanu will speak about citrus damage assessment and reduction;

• Henry Matthews will look at the issues of agriculture, land use and the challenge of sustainability;

• Marit Böker’s session is entitled Sustainability as Resilience: Ecological and Ethical Dimensions;

• Adekkunle Dosumu will examine whether watching football is good for the environment; and

• Dr Zarrin Barucha will talk about the sustainable intensification of agriculture.