Writtle College exhibits photographs after their appearance at RHS Autumn Show

January 2014

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Eight black and white photographs on the theme of decay are being exhibited in the Writtle College Library following their appearance at the RHS Autumn Show in London.

Writtle College former student James Walker took traditional black and white photographs, measuring 16ins by 12ins of fungi, seed heads and plants at the end of their lifecycles. They are being exhibited in the College Library from today, 8 January.

James, from Hatfield Broad Oak, said: “The RHS Autumn Show last month mainly consists of flower and vegetable displays but it also exhibits photographers' work. To exhibit, I had to submit photographs to a panel which assessed whether the standard was high enough to show. A few photographers were picked and given exhibition space to show a series of photographs, which had to be garden-related and show a common theme.

“I decided to photograph on the theme of decay. This important stage of plant life has a beauty of its own, with so many different shapes and textures, so often missed and discarded. The photographs show common plants and fungi in close-up and often in a new light. The use of black and white helps accentuate their texture and shape.

“Medals are awarded at the show and I was pleased to receive a bronze medal at my second show.”

James first came to Writtle College in 2002 while running a commercial photographic business and has studied modules in horticulture part-time as well as evening lectures and day courses.

Last year, James exhibited eight hand-coloured photographs of cottage garden plants following their appearance at the 2012 RHS Autumn Show.