Writtle School of Design taking part in digital and technology festival

October 2013

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle School of Design is taking part in an inaugural digital and technology festival next month in Essex.

Alongside digital and technology companies such as BAE Systems, WSD will showcase how digital software is being used to design the future in the creative professions.

WSD encourages students to apply digital technology to a variety of art and design projects: using digital media to create artworks, harnessing technology to realise Interior Architecture & Design schemes and employing digital software in Landscape Architecture and Garden Design projects.

Two WSD students who have won acclaim with their digital artworks will be attending the event:

• Samantha Humphreys, who is in her final year of a BA (Hons) Contemporary Art & Design degree, will show how she has used technology to create fascinating artworks. She will present a miniature replica of her childhood bedroom with a film showing inside. Sam was a finalist in a competition to find work to represent the title of Mark Owen's new solo album and her image featured across Mark's official online social channels. As well as the replica of her childhood bedroom, her End of Year exhibition featured well-known dolls in surprisingly human situations. She also won a Chelmsford photography prize last year with her overlaid images of the hustle and bustle of a shopping centre.

• Peter Scott, a member of the Art & Design alumni at Writtle, will present one of his videos and answer questions on his work. Peter is a freelance digital artist who specialises in video, film and photography. Recent projects include a music video that involved innovative animation techniques. Peter is skilled in the use of a number of digital software packages and collaborates with other artists on much of his work.

Richard Romang, WSD Lecturer, said: "Our End of Year exhibition showcased how digital media can be used to create engaging and interactive artworks and to bring complex and ambitious landscape, garden and interior designs to life in the minds of the viewer.

“We encourage our students to engage in the increasingly digital world and to use it as both inspiration and medium, a tool to extend the possibilities of design. The result is innovative work that is responding to the contemporary world in new and surprising ways.

“We are very proud to be involved in this first digital and technology festival and to show how the creative professions are being invigorated by digital technology."

The DigIT festival takes place 10am to 4pm on Saturday 9 November at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford. The school has developed the festival to bring together the best creative minds to excite and inspire even greater achievements. The festival is an all-day extravaganza of exhibits, seminars, challenges and workshops, which will showcase digital education and entertainment, as well as being a celebration of technology and innovation in Chelmsford. Local technology companies, leading experts and community services as well as local universities and schools will be exhibiting their work.

Visitors of all ages will be able to learn new skills and find out about the incredible range of technology innovations that are being developed in the City of Chelmsford and surrounding areas.

The family-friendly festival will allow visitors to take part in a range of activities from taking a Lego Mindstorm Robot Challenge to winning a prize in a Top Gear inspired engineering challenge; discovering how games are developed to seeing how iPads and using Raspberry Pi, smartphones and social media can be used to engineer a piece of modern art.

The event is free and entry is via an online ticketing system. For more information, please visit the DigIT website: http://digitfestival.wix.com/home