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WUC Livery prices

DIY Livery

To Note: All costs, with the exception of livery charges (including feed), are the responsibility of the owner. This includes all costs in relation to veterinary (reproductive or otherwise), farriery, worming and preventative inoculations. Invoices must be sent to and paid by the owner direct and NOT arranged via WUC.

Cost per day
  • £6.50 Stable per day
  • £3.50 Hay per day
  • £2.20 Bedding (+ 20% VAT) Straw or Shavings per day (optional)

DIY Livery FAQ's

Q. Is there individual turnout for my horse?
A. No, DIY liveries usually sort out their turn out rota once they have all settled in.

Q. Is the turnout all year round?
A. There may be times when grazing is restricted depending on the ground.

Q. Can I access the indoor schools at any time or is there a time restriction?
A. You can book a time slot to ensure the arena is available. Priority is given to Writtle staff for use by the students for lessons/ lectures.

Q. Can I buy my own horse bedding?
A. Yes.

Q. My horse has a stereotypic behaviour and weaves, can he/she still come on the yard?
A. All horses are assessed based on their individual requirements. Please feel free to discuss behavioural concerns with the yard team.

Q. Is there good local hacking with easy access from the yard?
A. Yes - a map is available to ensure designated routes are adhered to.

Q. Can I bring my horse from overseas?
A. Yes - many international students bring their horses.

Q. Does my horse need to be in isolation when I arrive?
A. New horses will not have access to integrated turn out for two weeks. Individual turnout can be managed within this period, on a rota basis.

Q. My horse bites is that a problem for DIY livery?
A. Any new horses arriving would stay on an initial trial period. The safety of our Students is paramount and any horses showing signs of excessive aggression would not be suitable for our Yard.

Q. My horse is young, 4 years old can he come on DIY livery?
A. Yes.

Q. Is there an option to put my horse of full livery?
A. At the moment we would ask that horses are removed from the DIY livery yard during holiday period. We are currently discussing the possibility of offering a full livery service, this would be only available during certain holiday periods and would need to be pre-booked.

Q. Is there anywhere to store my belongings?
A. Yes - tack & clothing can be stored in a locked area accessed only by DIY students and Staff. Feeds can be stored in allocated feed storage spaces, in suitable containers.