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Wider Information Sets

Wider Information Sets

Writtle University College is committed to making it easier for prospective and current students and the wider public to access publicly available information about the University. As part of the Wider Information Set (WIS) requirements as set out by Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), Writtle University College has made the individual documents publically available for students and the wider public. Please click on the relevant links at the bottom of this page to access the documents.

As set out by HEFCE, the WIS will:

  • inform the public about the quality of HE, and in particular, help provide potential students with information that will help them make a choice about what and where to study
  • help provide evidence to contribute to quality assurance processes in institutions (specifically review by the QAA)
  • help provide information that institutions can use to enhance the quality of their HE provision.

In response to a request from HEFCE in March 2014 the college is required to publish a summary of financial information on its web site. Institutions were asked to work with student representatives to develop a clear and simple way of presenting information about income and expenditure. The information is taken directly from the colleges audited accounts and approved by the colleges Academic Board for publication.

Income & Expenditure year to 31 July 2017 £'000
Tuition fees and Education contracts 7,527
Funding Body Grants 6,244
Research Grants and contracts 98
Other income 3,391
Endowment and Investment income 91
Total 17,351
Academic Departments 7,777
Academic Services 817
Administration and Central Services 4,700
Premises 2,731
Residences and Catering Operations 1,679
Other Expenses 582
Total 18,286
Deficit for the year (935)

Employability Statement
Higher Education Strategy 2016-2018
HE Learning, Teaching and Assessment Enhancement Strategy 2015/16 to 2017/18
Mission Statement and Strategic Plan
Statement about Quality Assurance Processes
Writtle University College Masterplan - Development Strategy - July 2015

For more information on WIS, please visit the HEFCE website (www.hefce.ac.uk/lt/wider).

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