Canine Therapy

Our Canine Therapy programmes are a unique blend of biological and therapeutic sciences relating to canines, the way they work, their health, their diseases, how they behave, and what can be done therapeutically to improve their well-being. The courses cover a wide variety of topics such as anatomy and physiology and biomechanics for foundation knowledge as well as more specific modules relating to hydrotherapy and massage therapy, in order to produce rounded therapists.

Top five reasons to study Canine Therapy at WUC...

You will use the latest equipment in our Canine Therapy Centre, including a hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill.
You will study a range of subjects, from hands-on therapies to Biomechanics and Sports Medicine.
Our highly qualified academic staff includes experienced veterinary physiotherapists and veterinary surgeons.
You will acquire recognised skills in hydrotherapy in commercially run sessions with real cases.
You will have the option to access an intensive professional animal massage qualification*.

*additional cost involved

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Canine Therapy Centre Opening