Animal Management

Our Animal Management courses take a holistic approach to animal management and prepare students for the increasingly diverse enterprises of the UK animal industry. A wide range of species are available to enable students to gain sound practical animal husbandry skills, which are then complemented by an academic programme that covers topics such as nutrition, breeding, health and behaviour. These are combined with a deeper understanding of business and trade as it relates to the animal sector. Option routes provide specialist teaching of pet behaviour and welfare, zoo and wildlife conservation, and farm livestock technology.

Top five reasons to study Animal Management at WUC...


Our programmes give you the opportunity to gain a named award in your chosen area of interest, be it Livestock Technology, Zoo and Wildlife Conservation or Pet Behaviour and Welfare.


With around 200 species on-site, we have a huge range of animals for you to study, including reptiles, exotic mammals, horses, livestock and pets.


You will enjoy some incredible behind-the-scenes visits to zoos, farms and research centres, such as The Aspinall Foundation or The Sanger Institute.


You will be able to apply for our amazing study tour to Umphafa in South Africa, Colchester Zoo's private nature reserve or work as an intern through the zoo's own programme.


You will be learning from academics who have produced high-profile research - check out how we tracked cow behaviour using state-of-the-art precision tracking sensors.

Educational Associate

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Writtle University College is an Educational Associate of BIAZA, the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Supporting Standards

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Writtle University College supports the standards set out by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)

Collaborative Working

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UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve

Animal Management & Science
with Dr Eleanor Drinkwater

Join Dr Eleanor Drinkwater and Darren Veitch as they present a series of fascinating, animal packed episodes that culminate in an interactive and enlightening Subject Spotlight focussed on Animal Management & Science.