The world needs people like you to help meet the growing demand for food with an ever growing global population! We focus on a hands-on approach, meaning you will benefit from studying in an environment that combines practical learning with expert theory.

Top five reasons to study Agriculture at WUC...


Food is life: whole economies and national security depends on it. Agri-food is central to our livelihood and we have a proud and long history of being an educator of this important subject.


Integrated thinkers are needed to meet the many challenges ahead. You will learn and gain the confidence to do this by working with a multidisciplinary team of tutors on real life and current issues.


We think about the whole of your development as an indvidual - your knowledge, skills , qualities and attributes giving you time to refine and hone graduate skills.


We have an enviable longstanding portfolio of external connections, both with our alumni now working in an array of high profile roles and collaborative partnerships with companies and organisations. This network ensures our graduates emerge sector ready.


Our farm and field facilities are here specifically to support hands on learning and sustainable practice. It is our 'open laboratory' for students to observe, experiment, analyse, evaluate and gain the key skills that graduate employers preferentially seek.