Support When you Arrive

Accommodation and Residential Support

WUC Halls of Residence provides term time residence for students on application.

For more take a look at our Accommodation pages.

All new first years are prioritised for accommodation in our halls of residence. If you wanted to stay in halls in your following years, your Care Experienced Champion will happily liaise with the Accommodation team on your behalf to try and assist. If you would prefer to live off campus or need 365 day accommodation, we would direct you to Studentpad as we know that the properties on there are appropriately vetted and monitored.

Out of core office hours, our Residential Support team, made up of Residential Support Officers and Wardens, providing residential and wellbeing support to all of its students, including during the evenings and weekends. More information is available on our Residential Student Support page.

WUC recognises that the weekend students move in to our on site accommodation can be overwhelming for any student. As a Care Experienced Student, if you would like someone to meet you and help you move in, please ask your Care Experienced Champion (giving us plenty of notice) and we will see what we can do.

Wellbeing Team

Our Wellbeing Team provides a range of specialist wellbeing services, including wellbeing advice and support, counselling, mental health support, Chaplaincy and safeguarding. The team have links with multiple outside agencies and will signpost students to relevant agencies for additional support where appropriate.

Student Success Team

Your Course Tutors and/or named Care Experienced Champion can make a direct referral into our Student Success Team (with your consent), allowing you to work with/access Learning Mentors, Study Skills Support and Careers Employability and Entrepreneurial Mentoring Support; each offering you targeted individualised support to help you reach your goals during your studies and transform your future.

When we know you will be joining us, you will get access to a wrap around Enable and Empower Passport support package. This will include meeting with a Learning Mentor during your first 6 weeks with us to explore any study related obstacles you are facing and/or worrying about, find about some apps and techniques to support positive mental health and study habits.

Peer Mentor 'Buddy Team'

A friendly, welcoming and supportive team of students who are on hand to help Higher Education students integrate seamlessly into University life.

Why not let us pair you up with a peer mentor who can help answer any questions where a fellow student may be able to help/advise you better than staff can about all aspects of being a student at Writtle?

Get involved With Your Community

Let your named Care Experience Champion introduce you to our friendly and welcoming Students' Union (SU). Find out about all the SU societies and upcoming events. Hopefully this will enable you to find people with common interests and help you quickly feel like you are part of our friendly and inclusive WUC community.

We would love your help in supporting other care experienced students at WUC. Maybe you would like to help us develop a peer support network for care experienced students?

We would love to hear what you think of our care experienced support package. Work with us to help us think about what we can do better to support young adults who have been in care stay on in education and achieve their full potential! It would be amazing if you could work with our amazing marketing team to become a role model and help inspire others!