Student Success Team

What support is provided by the Student Success Team?

University life and study can take a bit of getting used to. Our Student Success Team is here to empower you to stay on track with your academic study, embrace opportunity and achieve success - whatever your background!

We support all Writtle University College students with:

  • Impartial careers advice and guidance
  • Employability skills development
  • Opportunities to engage with Employers
  • Business start-up guidance
  • Business mentoring
  • Digital IT skills for study

In addition to this, we provide university level students with:

  • Academic writing support
  • Statistics support
  • Learning Mentor support and guidance

The Student Success Team can help support you to achieve personal success and fulfilment, including by linking you with the wider community, along with identifying and directing you to additional support services when required. The team also runs the annual Student Spotlight Awards to recognise student achievement in extra-curricular, community and entrepreneurial success.

Make An Appointment

If you are a Writtle University College student and you would like to make an appointment for any of the services Student Success provide you can do this via the links below.


1-1 Sessions

Group Workshops

What do we mean by student success?

Student Success is defined as the processes most connected with moving towards positive student outcomes. This means that you advance in your educational journey (continuation), you reach the qualifications and marks you aspire to (attainment), stay on track with your studies to the end (retention), and that you get where you want to go afterwards (progression).