Student Partnership

How do we collaborate with students to ensure we provide what students want and need?

The Student Success Team adds to the quality of your experience as a student at WUC through the attention we pay to listening to our students. We run focus groups, planning workshops and evaluation surveys to make sure we are offering what students want and need, and particularly that we fully meet the needs of groups who have historically been excluded or marginalised within Higher Education. Working closely with our Students' Union, we drive forward initiatives aimed to improve the experience of students. How we collaborate with students include:

Student Success Advisory Board (SSAB)

All the services within the team are shaped by the Student Success Advisory Board, whose members are current student volunteers along with former students and volunteers from industry. The Board informs the work of the Student Success team and consults on what would make a difference to distinct groups of students within the community at Writtle University College. The Board has launched several initiatives and change projects since it was established in 2020. The Board meets every two months in October, December, February, April and June.

HE Council

The HE Council provides a platform for student representatives to discuss their suggestions and concerns, it is also a forum to engage with students about decisions that impact their experience and to share information. Ensuring staff and students work together in partnership. The HE Council meets once per semester, with the HE Forum taking place monthly and facilitated by the Students' Union to address any issues as they arise.

Peer Support

We understand that some support is best given by people who are currently students themselves and can speak from direct, fresh experience. Our peer mentoring scheme allows second and third-year students to give back to the community as Buddies, and new members of our learning community can draw on their know-how at events and around campus by looking out for the Buddy team's distinctive gilets!