Student Life

Welcome from the SU!

As you likely already know, Writtle is a small campus. Where it may lack in big wild parties, it makes up for with its community feel; a close relationship between students, and staff, whom often get to know their pupils well throughout their time here.

SU stands for Student Union, and that is exactly what we are: a union of students. We can empathise in a way that can be misjudged or disregarded by Unions run by staff whom simply do not share the same experience.

We work to improve and provide to students, whether it be by resources, facilities, academic representation or just general support. Not to mention we run many social events such as freshers, the summer ball and R.A.G week. There are also multiple weekly events and societies for quiet nights in with your friends.

The SU communicates closely with staff, especially that of the wellbeing team & RSSO's, whose dedication to student support makes Writtle a wonderful place to live, as well as study. No matter how small, sometimes all you need is someone to talk to for a little advice.

Writtle University College
Students' Union President