Students' Union Office space

The constantly active hub which is the Students' Union (SU) is located opposite short courses in the main building. The office is always full of students relaxing from lectures and work or staff working to increase the student experiences at Writtle University College. Our SU support officer and Academic Sabbatical Officer are both based in the SU office with multiple members of our student volunteers usually found within the office also to provide help and support when they can. We are here to talk to in confidence if you want to talk with us, on subjects good or bad, or just come in and socialise with friends on our comfy sofas.
We also act as a post room for the students who live on campus, having letters and parcels delivered everyday so remember to come by and check if you have any.

In the office we are a friendly bunch who has a nice relaxed outlook on things. There is a nice chilled working atmosphere and we like that any students are able to come into the office and chat to us no matter who they are or where they are from. Obviously we like all of our students to mix and socialise with each other.

If you have any questions, would like to get involved with the SU office or want to stand for an elected position next academic year the we encourage you to please come down and see us. We are always here to help and make your lives as students easier.