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A postgraduate course at Writtle will provide you with an advanced level of specialist knowledge and skills that will enhance your career prospects. The combination of ground-breaking research, industry-experienced staff and sector links are utilised to create courses which are current and relevant to modern global demands.

As a small and specialist institution, we are able to ensure that all postgraduate students are given extensive support in their specific study area, and that there are opportunities for individuals to continue their personal development, as well as gaining a formal qualification. A range of seminars and workshops are included as part of your course, covering topics in current research and also more practical matters such as writing technical report papers and preparing a thesis.

During your studies, the course team and the Career Advise Service are all available to discuss possible career opportunities with you. A mixture of commercial visits, guest speakers and personal contacts made by your tutors will provide you with an insight into many facets of your chosen subject area and suggest the next steps you might take.

Flexibility and part-time study

In principle all the taught postgraduate courses are available on both a full-time and a part-time basis, depending upon numbers of students recruited.

Research degrees are available to part-time students and can be University College or work-based. The time allocation for the research programme is negotiated between the study supervisor and the student to take into account individual circumstances.

Associate Postgraduate Student Scheme

The Associate Student Postgraduate Scheme is a flexible mode of study for professional people seeking to update their technical knowledge and for individuals who wish to sample postgraduate education. Upon successful completion of a module or series of modules, associate students will be issued with credits and a Certificate of Achievement which may contribute to an award at a later date.

Study in the workplace and international experience

Part-time students are encouraged to make the best, constructive use of their workplace where it can contribute positively to their work, particularly with regard to research. Where appropriate facilities and supervisory arrangements can be made, these students can achieve much in academic or commercial organisations with detailed arrangements being discussed, on an individual basis, with the course manager. Full-time students reading for research degrees may also spend periods of time in other national or international institutions as part of an agreed, collaborative research programme.

Writtle University College is keen that as many of its postgraduate students as possible gain international experience during their course of study. This includes UK students working internationally and our students from overseas maximising their experiences in their field of study while they are at Writtle.

'Steps to Postgraduate Study'

The official, independent guide for anyone considering a taught postgraduate course: