Postgraduate Courses

A postgraduate course at Writtle will provide you with an advanced level of specialist knowledge and skills that will enhance your career prospects.

The combination of ground-breaking research, industry-experienced staff and sector links are utilised to create courses which are current and relevant to modern global demands.

What Courses are available?

Choosing your next educational step is a significant one and it's really important to explore the choices you have available to you.

About Writtle University College

Set in the beautiful Essex countryside, just 2 miles from Chelmsford, Writtle University College puts 'Science in Practice' in a welcome, friendly and supportive environment. We offer a personal approach to your learning, with practical, industry focused courses in a number of specialist disciplines across animal, land-based and sport science.

Our courses at postgraduate level are created with an industry perspective, enabling students to gain career-relevant experience and be work ready at graduation.

Writtle offers a friendly and small community - a great place to live, study and socialise!

Writtle University College attracts postgraduate students from across the globe. We know that choosing the right postgraduate programme is a key step in developing your career prospects and building specialist knowledge in your chosen field.

Photo of Writtle University College Postgraduate Alumni - Evangelos Achilleos

Evangelos Achilleos

Programme Manager of Higher Education in Animal Management at Capel Manor College

"Writtle is a great University College with a casual and homely feel, and access to staff with various specialities who are in active research. Additionally, Writtle has good resources e.g. genetics lab, farm, Titchmarsh Centre for Animal Studies thus allowing for students to acquire a range of skills while studying.

As part of the MSc Animal Welfare and Conservation, we visited conservation areas and assessed the environment, discussing how it impacts the species who inhabit the area. We also conducted an assessed debate, which was fun, and visited Colchester Zoo where we prepared enrichment for the squirrel monkeys. My theses study was one of the best things I had completed while conducting my MSc. Working in a genetics lab allowed me to develop my scientific skills while enabling me to further develop my genetics knowledge. I also presented my theses at the Symposium at Writtle and published my abstract."

Writtle University College Landscape Architecture Alumni - Janne Madeleine Haraldseth

Janne Madeleine Haraldseth

MSc Equine Performance Science

"I chose to study the MSc Equine Performance Science, I am so pleased with my choice. The modules cover such a more specific but also a wider understanding of a large subject. All the modules are there to improve you as an individual and get ready for the industry! I would not be able to choose a favourite, as I know all of these will help me professionally and personally. Highly recommend the Masters. I hope in the future, it will either give me a kick to start my own business and running my own training and sales yard, or achieve a higher role in a business in the equestrian industry, such as marketing, sales or feed companies."

Photo of Writtle University College Postgraduate Alumni - Samuel Younge

Samuel Younge

Principal Postharvest Technologist
Agricultural Engineering Department, University of Ghana

"I wanted to do my masters degree in postharvest technology and when I got the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom through a scholarship from the Ghana government, a friend recommended the MSc Postharvest Technology at Writtle University College.

Writtle University College was a stepping-stone for me to study global issues in the fields of postharvest technology and horticulture. My studies at Writtle were extremely enjoyable. The lecturers, administrative staff and the entire student body were so nice and gave me a wonderful experience. The school had all the facilities to support my learning and facilitate my research.
Writtle made me whom I am today."

Associate Postgraduate Student Scheme

The Associate Student Postgraduate Scheme is a flexible mode of study for professional people seeking to update their technical knowledge and for individuals who wish to sample postgraduate education. Upon successful completion of a module or series of modules, associate students will be issued with credits and a Certificate of Achievement which may contribute to an award at a later date.

Flexibility and part-time study

In principle all the taught postgraduate courses are available on both a full-time and a part-time basis, depending upon numbers of students recruited.

Part-time students are encouraged to make the best, constructive use of their workplace where it can contribute positively to their work, particularly with regard to research. Where appropriate facilities and supervisory arrangements can be made, these students can achieve much in academic or commercial organisations with detailed arrangements being discussed, on an individual basis, with the course manager.


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