Pesticide Application - PA4S (NPTC) 021652 - Writtle University College
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Pesticide Application - PA4S (NPTC) 021652

About the Course

Slug Pellet Applicator - Mounted or Trailed

This half-day module is designed for operators who apply pesticides from a full width (eg spinning disc, pendulum, pneumatic) or placement type mounted or trailed pesticide granule applicator. Topics covered include:

• Safe driving practice

• Calibration

• Post-spraying procedures

The half-day training will be followed by an NPTC assessment (to be arranged).

The module requires an understanding of pesticide labels and regulations. This is in compliance with regulations and directives from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Calculations and interpreting information is an integral part of the training.

Entry Requirements

City & Guilds state participants must not go forward for testing until the PA1 unit has been achieved.

Participants must have at least six months experience of driving a tractor. They will not be allowed to start the course without the correct Personal Protective Equipment which should include:

Waterproof Wellington boots, preferable steel toe capped

Sprayer face shield

Type 5/6 disposable coveralls

Unlined nitrile gloves

By making a booking you are declaring yourself medically fit to participate in this course.

Useful Information

Free parking is available on campus; a permit will be issued and should be clearly displayed.

Please bring your own refreshments.

Instructor / Student Ratio 1:4

Course Dates

Course dates are not currently available. Please email us to register your interest and we will contact you when dates have been arranged.