Part-time Study

Many students now require a more flexible programme of study than the traditional full-time qualifications. At Writtle University College we offer a number of courses that can be studied on a part-time basis.

We encourage applications from mature students and our welcoming and supportive approach is well-suited for adult learners. All of our undergraduate courses are 'modular', which means they consist of smaller units known as 'Modules', and can therefore be studied part-time. This also means entry may be possible in February or October depending on the course.

On successful completion of a module, students will gain a number of academic credits. The credits accumulated in part-time mode can contribute to various awards which may be the final goal or a step-off point along the way to higher qualifications.

Students who are unable to commit to a full degree course on either a full or part-time basis or enrolling for a full award may just seem too much, Writtle University College offers the Associate Student Scheme

For more information on part-time study please contact Admissions on 01245 424200 or email