Post Harvest Technology Unit - Research

Temperature Management

Principal investigator: Simon Jones
Examination of temperature management implications of differing packaging formats including Returnable Plastic Crates (RPCs), Display Ready Cartons (DRCs) with loose and bagged produce.

Medical Marijuana

Principal investigator: Simon Jones and Professor Peter Hobson
Analysis of differing production and postharvest practices in the medical marijuana supply chain with a focus on Jamaica. Also examining the engagement of value chain actors in the development of the new medical marijuana scheme in Jamaica including government, farmers and processors.

New areas of work include measuring the sustainability of medical marijuana production including the development of a Product Carbon Footprint describing different production and postharvest processes in different countries including Jamaica, Canada and the US.

Carbon Footprints

Principal investigator: Simon Jones and Professor Peter Hobson
Development of carbon footprints from farm to fork including environmental benchmarking.