Post Harvest Technology Unit - Publications


Tshwenyane, S.O., Cullum, F.J, Bishop, C.F.H. and Gash, A.F.J. (2012) Effects of Carbon Dioxide Enriched Atmospheres on the Postharvest Control of Botrytis of "Duett" Cut Roses Acta Hort 934 441-447.

Bishop, C.F.H., Bingley, E. and Matthews, H. (2011) The Value of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships as a Tool for Capacity Building within the Kenyan Horticulture Sector Acta Hort 921 143-149

Belletti, P., Cullum, J., Gorian, F., Monteleone, I. and Piotto, B. (2004) The use of a compost activator to overcome seed dormancy in Rosa canina L. Seeds of Rosa canina possess a complex dormancy mechanism which normally requires protracted periods of natural stratification before germination is possible. As an alternative pretreatment it is shown that the compost activator, Garotta, is able to break seed dormancy when incorporated into the stratification mixture.