Post Harvest Technology Unit - Consultancy

Writtle University College offers a comprehensive consultancy service in postharvest technology. Professional training courses have been delivered in English, French and Spanish. Examples include:

UK Professional training and commercial trials for commercial companies, supermarkets, suppliers to major retailers, grower groups, packaging suppliers and governmental organisations.

Brazil World Bank Jaiba project on improving the export potential of Jaiba's crops Design of postharvest perishable facility for airfreight and fresh processing.

East Timor (EU/Landell Mills supported) Postharvest Training for small farmers and technical inputs into micro-finance projects.

Egypt (EU supported) Cold Storage and cold chain. Provision of specific postharvest advice and designs for producers and exporters. Provision of data on existing practices and providing training seminars. Also training delivered to exporters on UK visits.

Ethiopia (USAID) Project on Agricultural Training and Export promotion (ATEP) on assistance on development of horticultural exports.

Jordan (Vakakis) World Bank Project on improving infrastructure for horticultural exports. Part of team carrying out training of extension staff.

Kenya (DFID supported) Postharvest training. Residential courses for government, NGO and private companies providing some of the background and then hands on practical procedures on postharvest aspects of export crops.

Kenya (USAID supported Fintrac ) Kenya Horticulture Competitiveness Project on assistance on the development of orange fleshed sweet potatoes for export and the national market.

Lebanon (ADC VOCA/USAID supported) Postharvest of cut flowers for growers and retailers training and technical consultancy.

Mauritius (EU supported) Provision of specific Postharvest advise and marketing programmes to develop high value horticultural production for export and local markets.

Pakistan (USAID supported CNFA) Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF) on assistance on improving the cold chain for local and export markets.

Uganda (USAID supported) Postharvest handling and cold chain for cut flowers. Temperature monitoring and postharvest practices evaluation with various exporters with particular emphasis on the handling procedures. Related specific training and recommendations.