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MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy
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The professional healthcare industry for Veterinary Physiotherapists is an extremely competitive place; therefore it is vitally important to stand out from the crowd when looking for employment. The Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Writtle enables our students to gain a qualification that will enhance their professional opportunities, giving them all of the necessary skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career within the industry.

The course is suitable for those who are looking to gain a qualification focused on the rehabilitation and physiotherapy of a range of animals including companion animals and horses.

The highly qualified academic staff here at Writtle, including experienced Veterinary Physiotherapy practitioners, provide a wealth of knowledge, support and guidance to our student community. Students can expect to receive a personal approach to learning alongside our academics in an environment designed to allow them to flourish. Students also have full access to a number of resources and facilities on campus, including the extensive equine unit, dog facilities and research laboratories, during their time with us.