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Animal Science

The Animal Science department in the Postgraduate School offers taught courses in Animal Biology and Welfare and Animal Production and Nutrition as well as programmes undertaken by research leading to an MSc, MPhil or PhD award. Each programme can be studied as a full or part-time postgraduate qualification. Students who are considering a programme of study leading to the award of a PhD should allow a minimum of three years full-time study or six to eight years part-time study.


The University has long standing research links with the University of Essex. Recently new links have been established with the University of Aberdeen, the University of Reading, the Royal Veterinary College and the Institute of Zoology.

Research and development at Writtle University College is coordinated through CEQAS which has broad interests in animal nutrition, health, reproduction, behaviour and welfare and invertebrate conservation biology.

Research partners

CEQAS has good links with research and development agencies of international organisations and universities, including Delta and Fage in Greece, the Agricultural University of Athens also in Greece, the University of Saskatoon in Canada and the Friei Universitat Berlin in Germany.

Commercial research studies are also performed for international companies in Europe and the USA such as Volac, Nutreco, DSM and Alltech. In the UK collaborators include English Nature (Natural England), the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), Butterfly Conservation, the Environment Agency, the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, Imperial College at Wye, the University of Aberdeen and the University of Warwick.