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2017 - launch of the Writtle University College Sustainability agenda

Writtle University College has formally committed itself to an ambitious sustainability agenda in line with the global Sustainable Development Goals. For over 100 years the university college has provided education for people seeking careers in the land-based sector, which is changing and evolving rapidly as it faces increasingly more complex challenges of coping with environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, climate change and problems of food security in the face of population growth. Writtle University College embraces the fundamental principle of an effectively functioning and viable global ecosystem as the prerequisite to human existence, and it will work in partnership with students and the wider community to achieve its objectives to develop a culture that promotes human well-being, environmental sustainability and ethical socio-environmental practice.

The students in the School for Sustainable Environments have established a 'Student Coaches Network' under the steer of Joshua Abbott, to co-ordinate and build the activities of the students in both further and higher education.

The WUC lead for Sustainable Development is Catriona Wood - Director of Business and Finance,, and the staff Sustainability Managers are Dr Anya Perera,, and Prof. Peter Hobson,

2017 - WUC reducing its carbon footprint

Writtle University College has completed the first stage of its Solar PV sustainability program. This first phase involved roof mounted solar PV panels at various locations across the campus, all of these are now online generating over 300KW of electrical power, reducing our carbon emissions by nearly 100 tonnes per year. The second stage is planned to include a ground based array with a capacity of 500KW, further reducing our carbon emissions and improving our energy utilisation, if successful, WUC will have the largest solar PV generating capacity of any education establishment in the UK.