The Multi-Faith Room (MFR)

The MFR is a space for spiritual refreshment, exploration, quiet contemplation and worship for students, staff and governors of any religious persuasion and none. The MFR is designed to be conducive to individual prayer and meditation and will contain appropriate facilities to assist the prayers of members of different religious traditions. Members of the Muslim community can use the nearby changing rooms in the Hubert Ashdon Recreational Centre for their ablutions prior to prayer.

It is expected that the MFR will be shared openly with those of any religious traditions who may wish to pray at the same time and those who might wish to think or reflect.

Any group wishing to book the room for regular use must do so through the Student Union (SU). The SU are responsible for monitoring the booking of the MFR.

All those using the room should respect other people's freedom to express their beliefs in worship and prayer. People should not be disparaging of other people's faith and practises and should exercise self-restraint and a concern for the freedom and dignity of others.

The simple guidelines that all using it must follow are:

  • The MFR is for prayer, reflection, meditation and worship. It is not to be used for other purposes, such as a social space.
  • It is the user(s) responsibility to use the bins provided to keep the room clean and tidy.
  • Any concern(s) regarding the physical condition of the room should be reported to SU who will liaise with property colleagues (as appropriate).
  • Cupboards provided should be used to store any materials used on a regular basis.
  • Notice boards for information are provided outside the room; the information should be focused on faith events and kept current and up to date.
  • The MFR is not a meeting room - if a faith group requires a meeting room, they should book one through the College University room booking system.