Living Off Campus


Shared Housing is the renting of a property by a group of individuals and will involve signing a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement; no landlord will be resident.

Lodgings are living facilities within the landlord's own premises; students either have meals provided or cater for themselves.

Where To Find Off Campus Accommodation

There are a number of websites that specialise in student accommodation, including,, Other websites are also available.

Lodgings Overview

  • All arrangements are strictly between the student and landlord.
  • Rents are paid weekly or one month in advance.
  • A deposit is essential to secure the room.
  • You may have to pay a retainer during the Christmas and Easter holidays, however you should not pay any rent over the summer unless you are resident.
  • Period of notice is linked to payment of rent i.e. one week's rent = one week's notice.

Shared Housing Overview

  • Rent is paid monthly or termly in advance.
  • A deposit of one month's rent will normally be required.
  • It is normal to pay full rent during the Christmas and Easter holidays.
  • The majority of contracts are for 9 months but some are for 12 months.
  • The property should be furnished and have adequate heating.
  • Students should ask to see appropriate safety certificates.
  • Most properties advertised take part in an Accreditation Scheme which aims to ensure minimum standards for off campus student accommodation. The Accreditation Certificate should be displayed.

Council Tax

Students studying on full time courses are exempt from payment of Council Tax for the duration of their course (terms and conditions apply). Council Tax exemption letters are available from the Accommodation Office on request.

Please take care when choosing somewhere to live. Details and advice on choosing where to live and about off campus accommodation can be found in the Student Accommodation and Campus Guide.