Library Donations

The Library is grateful for offers of donations that enrich our collection, but needs to make the following stipulations:

Lending/ reference collection

  1. Donations should be relevant to the current and projected future teaching curricula of the University College
  2. Duplicates of existing stock are only accepted where additional copies are considered useful
  3. Items should be in a reasonable condition for use by readers
  4. Items donated to the Library become the property of the University College and may be disposed of, offered for sale, offered to students, or donated to charitable organisations as the Library sees fit

Please note that donations may be refused if they are:

  • Superseded editions of textbooks
  • Dictionaries, encyclopaedias or multi-volume reference works
  • Periodicals
  • Audio-visual material
  • In poor physical condition (e.g. pages show signs of damp, mould or spotting; the cover or pages are loose, damaged or missing; there are obtrusive marks of prior ownership)

Writtle University College Archive

We would welcome donations relating to the history of Writtle University College, established in 1893 as the County Laboratories in Chelmsford. Our organisation has subsequently been known as the County Technical Laboratories, the East Anglian Institute of Agriculture, the Essex Institute of Agriculture, Writtle Agricultural College and Writtle College. If you have print material, photographs or artefacts relating to the organisation, we would love to hear from you. We would also like to hear reminiscences of your time at Writtle, if you were a student or staff member.

Our aim is to preserve, catalogue and digitise materials, in accordance with current copyright legislation, to enable public access to the Archive for the purposes of private study and research. We will only accept an item if we feel that we can adequately preserve it.

  • Donations will become the property of Writtle University College and may be offered to other libraries or collections with a similar interest
  • Donations may be refused if they duplicate material already in the Archive
  • Donations will be listed or catalogued to enable records to be publicly accessible
  • Items may be digitised or photographed in accordance with current copyright legislation
  • Items may be exhibited by the University College in original or surrogate form, subject to Intellectual Property Rights clearance as necessary
  • Subject to copyright legislation, access to both physical and digital copies may be provided to members of the public for the purposes of private study or research

If you would like to donate resources to the Library or the WUC Archive, please contact us to discuss your donation: (books for general circulation); 01245 424245 (for WUC Archive material)