Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry

Looking to update and enhance your floristry career? Then the level 4 Higher Diploma can offer you an exciting and inspirational study programme. Teamed with enrichment opportunities for you to broaden your industry related experiences.

Course Content

To gain the Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry, students will be studying the following 10 modules (or units):

  1. Botanical Concepts & Practices for Floristry

    This module covers the plant processes and stem structure affecting plant health and growth, the plant in relation to its environment, the principles of botanical identification and interior plant display.

  2. Historical Studies for Floristry

    This module explores historical periods and their influence on floral decoration, including historical contexts, design sources, fashions and floral decorations across the range.

  3. Floral Event Practices

    This module explores the commercial opportunities available to an experienced florist when providing floral decorations for a variety of venues and events. Large-scale and themed designs will be analysed to assess their methods of assembly and commercial viability. The role of the event organiser / party planner will be considered.

  4. Business Practices for Floristry

    This module covers the implementation of procedures to ensure the smooth running of a floristry business. It encompasses customer care, staff supervision and basic training, security and an awareness of retail legislation.

  5. Marketing & Promotion Practices for Floristry

    This module covers the implementation of practices in marketing and promoting the business to maximise sales potential.

  6. Technical Floristry Skills - Tied Designs

    This module enables candidates to construct a wide range of hand tied designs to a high level of technical competence. Plant material, flowers, natural and manufactured materials will be used to demonstrate correct application of design principles.

  7. Technical Floristry Skills - Wired & Glued Designs

    This module enables candidates to understand the purpose and importance of wiring and gluing skills and demonstrate different methods of wiring, the use of the correct gauges and the safe use of glue in the construction of a wide range of designs to a high technical competence.

  8. Technical Floristry Skills - Designs in Mediums

    This module enables candidates to construct a wide range of designs using a medium to a high standard of technical competence.

  9. Technical Floristry Skills - Design Trends

    This module focuses on the construction and presentation of a wide range of designs, to a high technical competence, using current trends as inspiration. In addition, candidates will identify significant retail trends and florists influencing international floral design.

  10. Design Concepts for Floristry

    This module covers the investigation and analysis of the principles & elements of floral design and the creation of floral designs that accurately interpret a basic design schema.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to these modules, students will have the opportunity to develop their communication, problem solving and English and maths skills.

Entry Requirements

The following information provides students with the entry requirements for this particular course.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Floristry
  • And/or can demonstrate an equivalent level of industry skill
  • Evidence of practical floristry experience
  • Satisfactory references from School / College / Employer
  • Industry experience while accessing the qualification
  • Competent level of literacy and numeracy

Who is the Course for?

This course is suitable for florists who have completed a Level 3 Diploma in Floristry and wish to progress to a higher level industry recognised qualification at level 4. Equally the course is suitable for established florists working in the industry who wish to accelerate their career/business by improving their floristry skills, knowledge and application whilst gaining an industry recognised qualification.

After Completion of Your Course...

Upon successful completion students can:

  • Progress to a higher qualification in Floristry
  • Become a self-employed business owner
  • Explore opportunities to teach floristry either privately or in an educational organisation
  • Become an international demonstrator/judge
  • Become a specialist floral designer for weddings and corporate functions

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