Student Profiles

Mehrdad Mirzaee

Mehrdad Mirzaee - Iran
MSc. Postharvest Technology

"Writtle University College supports international students excellently and for those who need to improve their English language skills and knowledge there are teachers and advisors to help solve any problems."

Khairiyah Mat

Khairiyah Mat - Malaysia
MSc Animal Production and Nutrition

"Writtle University College is a great environment for study, the campus and landscape is both peaceful and calming. I have also had a really good time with my friends at the College, who have come from all around the world; the international community at the College is fun and comforting."

Adebola Oyedele

Adebola Oyedele - Nigeria
MSc International Horticulture

"Having previously studied at the University of Agriculture in Nigeria, I knew that studying at a College, such as Writtle, would give me theoretical opportunities as well as extensive practical learning and hands-on work experience on campus. This I believe is the best way to learn and study for any agriculture or horticulture course."

Ying Dai

Ying Dai - China
Certificate in Management studies and Diploma in Management studies

"I chose to study at Writtle University College as it has a good reputation and the course began at the right level allowing me to have a transition period, which enabled me to adapt to my new environment and prepare well for my postgraduate studies"

Lena Cox

Lena Cox - Norway
BSc (Hons) Animal Management

"I have decided to continue my studies at Writtle University College on the Masters degree. I think it is the right decision as I really have enjoyed my time here"

Divija Jatavallabhula

Divija Jatavallabhula - India
BSc (Hons) Animal Science

"I think Writtle University College is ideal because of its very friendly atmosphere, everyone from the lecturers and international staff are so helpful and will do anything to see that I fit in and have no problems in whatever I do."

Dorin Pop

Dorin Pop - Romania
BSc (Hons) Horticulture

"The course has given me a great start to my career and the lecturers have been very supportive throughout my whole time at Writtle"

Menbere Solomon

Menbere Solomon - Ethiopia
Msc in Animal Biology and Welfare

"The experience I have had in Writtle is amazing. The college has a very comfortable atmosphere and is very sociable. Writtle being a quiet village makes it's easier to choose to live in and you feel as if you already know it. The way of delivering courses is also very interesting and I have enjoyed being part of Writtle University College."

Chisato Murakami

Chisato Murakami - Japan
NC Horticulture

"The 12 week English course was useful for the main course. All teachers are very friendly and kind, so I have really enjoyed Writtle life so far. We had also had opportunities to speak with local people and we had fun every weekend."

Mika Fukoda

Mika Fukoda - Japan
MA Landscape and Garden Design

"I have learnt many words related with my major during the PSEL course. The environment too is very nice with many beautiful gardens in the college."

Man Liang Qin

Man Liang Qin - China
MA Garden Design

"The teachers are very kind and friendly and I have made many friends from different countries. I am so happy to live here and I didn't feel lonely at all."