Home Emergencies

About the Course

Many homes today are getting quite sophisticated with numerous controls for heating and security. In our busy lives we perhaps forget or do not fully understand some of the more fundamental services to our homes. When a problem occurs it is often at the most inconvenient time and leaves us in a panic.

What can you do if water is coming through the ceiling, is it a water supply problem or waste water?

What can you do if the power has tripped out and you are in the dark with no power to the freezer?

This one day course will give practical examples including how to isolate your incoming water supply. Often it may be located under the kitchen sink (somewhere) but it is stiff and unable to be turned, what else might you try?

Look at a typical mains consumer unit (fuse board), identify different types of trips MCB& RCD,s, different circuits, lighting, ring main, kitchen / shower and ways to isolate these in an emergency.

We also look at the basic procedure should you smell gas.

During the day we help build up a picture of your home so you are better prepared. Tips on basic maintenance and advice on when you definitely need to call in the professionals!

We will also give some suggestions for basic tools to have handy.

Useful Information

Free parking is available on campus; a permit will be issued and should be clearly displayed.

Please bring a packed lunch and all refreshments needed for the day.

Instructor / Student Ratio 1:8

Course Dates

Course dates are not currently available. Please email us to register your interest and we will contact you when dates have been arranged.