Careers Advice for Higher Education Students

Now that you are on a Higher Education course, you will be developing good technical knowledge and skills, as well as many other ‘transferable’ skills which could used for unrelated careers to your degree subject. Many Writtle graduates will secure successful careers within the curriculum area they have studied, there are several who go in completely different directions, for instance to work in retail management or insurance. Some go onto do postgraduate study and research. The course that you are on will be giving you a good insight into a potential job sector/industry, but it will not restrict your choices for after the course.

There is a wealth of information and options to consider, and the information here is meant to act as a starting point. You can now develop some really good ‘career management’ skills, to make the most of your time here, not only to get a qualification, but to get as much varied experience and range of industry contacts as possible to help you find an exciting career afterwards. To do this, you need to be actively planning from the start of year 1 to build this experience and contacts.

Your options for after your current course include:

  • Finding work, including many graduate schemes
  • Post graduate study - MSc or PhD
  • Research positions
  • Travelling
  • Internships