Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management - Consultancy and Sector Activities

Sector-linked projects

2016 FAO-funded 4 nations, Beijing. Biosphere Project workshop, DPRK, RoK, Russia, China

2016 IUCN, Brussels. Wild Europe Steering Committee and workshop

2016 London. Wilderness Foundation, UK Steering Committee meeting and workshop

2016 Essex County Council, Natural Capital Assets Commissioning Group workshop

2016 DAAD, Germany. Project Co-Director Kosovo EDA / MARISCO workshop

2015 Science expert, BfN European Beech Forests Network workshop

2015 Project Co-Director. DPRK Biosphere Workshop, Eberswalde

2015 Project Co-Director. Conservation planning for the Kavango swamps, Namibia

2015 Project-Co-Director: Russian old growth boreal forests project

2015 Project Co-Director: Validating the effectiveness of RSPO certification in oil palm plantations

2014 Project Co-Director EDA & MARISCO training for forestry staff in Russia linked to FSC programme

2014 Project Co-Director meeting with staff from both German and South Korean govs. To develop staff training workshops for stakeholders in DPRK Myohyang Biosphere Reserve

2014 Project Co-Director: meeting with PIINTEC to develop long-term projects for sustainable land management

2013 Project Co-Director, German WWF-funded project, evaluating Russian FSC in East Siberia

2013 - 2017 Project Co-Director, WWF An analysis of the environmental benefits of certification schemes in palm oil plantations

2013 - 2016 Project Co-Director, NABU-funded project, “Transparency forests”

2013, Project team facilitator German DAAD-funded project. Delivering adaptive management training to students

2013, Project team facilitator, DAAD-funded project. Delivering adaptive management training to students & researchers from Tirana University

2012 - 2015, Project team facilitator, GIZ - funded project. World Heritage designation and management planning process for Altai Mountains

2012 - 2014, Co-Editor, GIZ-funded project. International MARISCO manual

2011 - 2014, Atlantic forests Co-ordinator, BfN-funded project. UNESCO World Heritage European Beech forest programme

2012 TNC-funded MARISCO workshop facilitator & landscape assessment of Sierra Lacandon National Park

2011 - 2012, GIZ-funded CMP, BIOMARC MARISCO workshop facilitator for two Marine National Parks, Costa Rica

2011 PBL/EEA-funded project. Global land use maps and analysis of metadata on land use degradation