Further Education Student Council

What is the Purpose of the Student Council?

The overall aim of the Council is to provide a 'voice' for Further Education students at Writtle University College.

The objectives (as laid out in the Council's Terms of Reference) are to:

  • Represent and promote the general interests of FE students at the college and contribute to a positive student experience;
  • Provide a forum for bringing together staff and students from different areas of the college;
  • Provide a recognised means of, and forum for, communication between students and the management of the college;
  • Promote equality of opportunity amongst students and challenge all forms of discrimination whether based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, marital status, religion, cultural background or other such status;
  • Act as a body with which college management can consult to get student opinion and involvement;
  • Consider cross college issues , including the college environment, health & safety, safeguarding, health and wellbeing and enjoying and achieving;
  • Provide advocacy and support service for all FE students;
  • Be solution and action focused;
  • Make improvements to the college environment for the benefit of all the college's students;
  • Identify and share areas of good practice within the college;
  • Plan and promote activities that bring Writttle College's student community together