Careers Advice for Further Education Students

Now that you are on a post-school course at college you are starting out on a possible career direction. The course that you are on will be giving you a good insight into a potential job sector/industry. Whether this is the equine industry, horticulture, sport or something else there is a wealth of information and options to consider. If you have not achieved a grade 4 in Maths or English GCSE, you will be doing this subject again as part of your course, either as a GCSE or as a functional skills unit. If during your course, you decide that you would prefer to take a different 'direction' with either your course or your career this is still possible, but you will need to give it some thought and may want to talk it through with parents or carers, your tutor and the college careers adviser.

You have several options available following completion of your current course, depending on what level of course it is. If it is a Level 2 course, you could apply for a Level 3 course, or an apprenticeship. You may also wish to explore voluntary work alongside some further training. It will be important to talk through your ideas with either your tutor and/or the careers adviser in college to make sure they are realistic, achievable and the best option for you!