Downloading the Job Description

Q. My computer won't allow me to open the job description?

A. This is probably because you don't have Adobe Reader installed. You can download Adode Reader free here.

Completing the application form

Q. I don't seem to have enough room in the application form to write all that is necessary to support my application, what should I do?

A. You can enclose or attach additional sheets to support your application, please clearly note which section they apply to.

Q. I don't have two previous work references, as I have worked for the same employer, what should I complete here?

A. If you have worked for the same employer since you began your career, you should provide a character reference as well as an employer reference.

Returning the application form

Q. Can I e-mail my application back?

A. You can e-mail your completed application form to human.resources@writtle.ac.uk, using the role you are applying for as the subject.

After you have submitted an application form

Q. I've submitted an application form and I haven't heard anything, what does this mean?

A. All candidates will receive a letter notifying them of the outcome of their application, after the short listing process has taken place. This will happen once the role has closed and generally speaking candidates who have been short listed will receive a telephone call as well as written notification.


Q. What happens if I am invited to interview?

If you have been invited to interview you will have received an e-mail or letter confirming the appointment, along with details of where you need to arrive. All applicants are asked to bring with them, three forms of Identification to confirm their eligibility to work within the UK in order to assist with completion of a DBS check for the successful candidate. Please also bring original academic qualifications in relation to the role. You are also supplied with the Visitors Information Leaflet, which details actions the college will undertake to ensure Safeguarding when you are on Campus. All candidates are notified as soon as possible after the interview process.

Q. Does the College reimburse Recruitment/Interview Expenses?

A. No, the College does not reimburse any form of Recruitment or Interview expenses, it is the candidate decision to apply and attend any interview for which they are invited.