Exam Support

The HE Disability team will make reasonable adjustments to assessment to support students who are disabled or have a Specific Learning Difficulty or any other health condition that may impact on their exams.

If you need support for examinations, you should notify us as soon as possible so that we can put in place the adjustments that you may need.

The deadline for arranging individual exam arrangements is 3 weeks before your first exam.

Examination timing

We can provide students with extra time when sitting their exams. How much extra time you receive will depend on your individual circumstances and will be made clear to you during a discussion with a member of the HE Disability team.

You may also be able to have stop the clock rest breaks during your exams that will not impact on your writing time.

Physical or human adjustments

We can provide examination papers in a variety of formats that are most accessible to you, including those in large print or different coloured paper.

We may also be able to provide a reader or a scribe. You may also be able to sit your exam in a smaller venue or the use of a computer when appropriate.

Providing evidence

Exam arrangements are agreed based on the provision of support evidence of your disability and how it impacts you. Please find further information using our evidence guidance.