Drone Training for New Users

About the Course

Drones have become both an exciting and readily available new technology, with a wide range of uses from hobby to commercial.

Changes in legislation has been introduced to ensure the safe use of drones and now requires even hobby users to have their machine and themselves registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) before flying even in their own airspace.

This course is specifically aimed at new users to help them stay safe and legal when flying their drone.

It will provide tips on how to pass the CAA online test, how to register you and your machine, types of insurance available, basic controls, use of software to make the most of your machine, basic maintenance and how to use the Drone Code to be legally compliant.

The course will consist of theory sessions as well as practical demonstrations and is a good start to deciding if you wish to use a drone for business purposes.

Obtaining a professional drone license will be discussed during the course.

Useful Information

Free parking is available on campus; a permit will be issued and should be clearly displayed.

Please bring a packed lunch and all refreshments needed for the day.

Instructor / Student Ratio 1:8

Course Dates

Course dates are not currently available. Please email us to register your interest and we will contact you when dates have been arranged.