Centre for Exercise and Health

Writtle University College Centre for Exercise and Health is a research and consultancy service working within the fields of competitive sport and health related exercise. It aims to give Writtle University College Sport Science students the opportunity to gain experience in sports science consultancy whilst supporting the sports and exercise needs of the local community. That might involve assisting a club athlete by providing objective fitness test data or helping a local cardiac rehabilitation group to broaden the range of physical activities it has to offer members. The work of the Centre is unique in that it is led by student volunteers who carry out the day to day work with academic staff merely monitoring its overall management.

Services offered by the Centre to the public are free of charge and include:

  • Wingate cycling power test
  • Running and cycling economy tests
  • A healthy walks initiative within Writtle's idyllic rural setting
  • Maximal oxygen uptake test (VO2max test) in cycling and running

New services will continue to be added to the Centre's portfolio so please check this page regularly for news and updates. If you are interested in using the services of the Centre or have enquiries or suggestions please contact us via the main switchboard on 01245 424200 or through email.


Sports staff at Writtle are actively involved on consultancy, including coaching and sports science support. We welcome enquiries from athletes and teams interested in using sports science to improve their performance.

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