Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend my Celebration Event?

As this is the last day of session, all students are expected to attend.

Can I choose which event to attend?

No. You must attend the Celebration Event that is allocated to your subject department.

I've confirmed my place but I'm now unable to attend, what should I do?

Once you have registered to attend your Celebration Event, the cost of guest lunch tickets is only refundable in exceptional circumstances. Please be sure your guest will be able to attend before purchasing tickets. Refund requests should be made in writing to

Will I be presented with my final course certificate at the Celebration Event?

No. As Examination/Assessment results will not be known by the date of the event, only certificates of attendance will be presented to you on the stage.

Are children permitted at the Celebration Event?

Celebration events are lengthy formal occasions. Experience has shown that children do get bored and restless. If you do decide to bring a young child as your guest and they require a seat then they will need a guest ticket of their own and must be accompanied by an adult.

Children under 3 years of age who can sit on another guest's lap will not require a ticket.

Pushchairs are not permitted in the church due to narrow walkways that need to be kept clear for students and the platform party.

Will I be seated with my guests?

No. Students will be seated to one side of the church in reserved seats, which are organised in the order that the students will be presented with their certificates. Guests will be seated on the opposite side of the church.

Can I take my own photos/video?

Taking photographs and videos are permitted in the church, however, we would request guests be considerate of others and not block aisles or exits, in order to comply with Health & Safety regulations.

How long does the Celebration Event last?

Each event will last approximately 45 minutes.

What happens after the Celebration Event?

Students will have some time after the Celebration Event to have their photographs taken by the professional photographers and to take their own photos back at the College grounds. The buffet lunch will then be served in the Garden Room to those who have pre-booked tickets.