What next - progression

There will come a time when the course you are on finishes. It is important to start planning early about what you would like to progress onto. This will mean its not a rushed decision and more likely to be realistic and manageable. If it is another course within the college, your tutor will have the internal application forms for this. Your tutor, the tutor for the next course or the college careers adviser will be happy to talk through this as an option.

If you are planning to go onto another college, or to do a Higher Education course, you will need to make sure you apply at the right time to ensure you have a good chance of securing a place on the course you want. Talk to your tutor or the careers adviser (book an appointment) about both these options. The UCAS site www.ucas.com can give you specific information about university applications.

Apprenticeships are another very good option to consider. The college has an apprenticeship manager who could help you whilst you are on one, and there is the apprenticeship website you can register on www.apprenticeships.gov.uk.