Support from the careers department

Make an appointment with a careers adviser. The careers dept is here to support you. A range of issues can be talked through, including

  • Job search skills like writing a CV, mock interviews and assessment centres
  • Applying for further study
  • If you have no definite ideas, we can help you narrow down the wide options and enable you to research the options further

You can get as much help from the careers dept as you need, for up to 3 years after you have left. This help can be through face to face appointments, email and telephone support.

It is important to start planning early about what you would like to progress onto next. This will mean its not a rushed decision and more likely to be realistic and manageable.

Regardless of whether you know exactly what you want to do, whether it's a career or further study, or don't have any clear ideas, talking this all through with the careers staff will help you to focus and decide what action needs to happen next.