How and why to make a careers appointment

You may have had a careers appointment or interview in the past. Either way, it is a very good way to talk through a range of challenges that you are facing in deciding what to do next, ranging from:

  • How to carry out a successful job search
  • How to write a CV
  • What your options are, including further study, work, apprenticeships or voluntary work
  • Any possible barriers to your plans, for instance criminal records, family commitments, uncertainty about ideas, lack of work experience
  • Clarity over the options available to you

You can have as many appointments as you need to help you make progress in your career and planning for your next steps. These appointments can be face to face or online.

If you would like to make an appointment, you can book an appointment slot via the page.

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Most of what is discussed will remain confidential, but we do have a duty of care to look after the safety of you and others. This might mean that if a safeguarding issue arises this might need to be discussed with one of the college's safeguarding team to ensure everyone's wellbeing. If this does happen, whenever possible, the intention to involve another member of staff will be discussed with you.