We love it when our students get more involved in wider student life at WUC. As a Care Experienced Student at WUC you would be guaranteed an interview to become one of our WUC Ambassador Interns and/or join our Buddy team of peer mentors (in your second year). The WUC Ambassador Intern programme is built around three cornerstones: paid work opportunities, a bespoke training package to support personal growth and a mentor from industry assigned to you in your final year.

Meet with our Careers Advisor for a 1-1 session and complete a self-audit of your skills and identify areas to focus on during your time at WUC. As part of your Enable and Empower Passport support package, our Careers Advisor will offer you a 1-1 session during weeks 1-6 of the first semester.

Even after you have left, careers support would be available to you as you become part of our growing alumni network.