Award in the Transport of Animals by Road - Short Journeys (NPTC) 014104

About the Course

This 2 hour course is aimed at those transporting animals and/or birds on short road journeys over 65km, up to and including 8 hours long.

Topics covered include:
  • Legal requirements and responsibilities
  • Responsibilities when transporting animals
  • Planning a long journey by road
  • Suitability of the vehicle
  • Checking animals and fitness to travel
  • Causes and signs of stress in animals
  • Space allowances, stocking densities and segregation requirements
  • Handling and animal welfare in transit
  • Post journey requirements
At the time of booking participants should identify which category they require:

Cattle / Cattle & Sheep / Game Birds / Goats / Horses / Pigs / Poultry / Sheep

An additional fee of £85 will be incurred for each additional unit.

On completion of the 2 hours training participants will sit an NPTC on-line multiple choice test. There are 27 questions, participants must successfully achieve a pass mark of 21/27

Entry Requirements

By making a booking you are declaring yourself medically fit to participate in this course.

Qualification Guidance

Course Dates

Course dates are not currently available. Please email us to register your interest and we will contact you when dates have been arranged.